Teaching science the techi way

Scientists at the Institute of Bioengineering have been testing the latest Google Glass technology for teaching concepts in bioengineering to undergraduate and postgraduate students at Queen Mary University of London. The smart eye wear comprises of an optical head-mounted display that was launched for the first time by Virtual Medics™ during a live-streamed surgical teaching session with medical students world-wide. Students at the Institute of Bioengineering watched  techniques in tissue engineering and biomaterials with their mobile devices, laptops, or iPads.

Google Glass technology for bioengineering education. Prof Dan Bader tests the glasses in the bioengineering labs with QMUL students interacting live via the on-line streaming platform.

The students were able to interact with the scientists by asking questions, without affecting the safety of the procedures. As part of Tina’s Draper’s Teaching Fellowship, the innovative technology will be used to improve the students learning experience and teach skills in bioengineering using the Virtual Medics™ streaming platform and online virtual environment