Imperial Festival

The Imperial Festival was a fantastic opportunity for children to meet real scientists, do real experiments and talk about real research. There was astonishing stuff where the scientists explained how their work is at the very forefront of science and engineering. There were cutting edge demonstrations on how the science works. The researchers spoke to the children about the future of science and engineering with playful gadgets and clever drones using the very best of technology and robotics.

Spot the scientists both young and old, from the past and future. The children crunched wafers with a mechanical testing device, they made rockets out of plastic cups, blew cells into space and made milky proteins.

The two day event was highly interactive and engaging for children of all ages, mixing the sciences with the arts, belly dencing and music. My daughter described the event as “fun, fun fun” with the best growing microbes from your belly button and pipetting proteins that glow in the dark.