Magic at the science on stage festival

I am very excited to share the news – the 9th Science on Stage festival was hosted by Queen Mary University of London. The four day programme of illuminating science education was awesome. Over 500 excellent STEM teachers shared their projects and ideas with teachers/scientists/industry from all over Europe and Canada. The workshops were hugely inspiring covering disciplines in every area of science, technology, engineering and maths. There were projects which utilised new technologies and techniques in the classroom. More than 350 teachers chosen from national competitions in Europe and Canada showcased approaches to help motivate science teaching. The best was the response from my daughter (age five). She participated in our workshop called inspiring young minds in bioengineering, and took part in at least 50 science activities. The fair was packed with nearly 300 teachers demonstrating their projects and resources to help teach science in an exciting and fun way – Absolutely brilliant !

My five year old exploring workshops at the science on stage festival. She also hosted our workshop on “inspiring young minds in bioengineering”.

The programme also included a dazzling laser show by the @lightexpress team from Southampton University. Film to follow…!