Thanks to the co-operative

Many thanks to the co-operative for raising £6, 382.31 on behalf of the Prenatal Therapy charity fundraising event at UCLH last month. The funds will be used to support David Barrett during his PhD project which is finding new ways to stop the rupture of the amniotic membrane and prevent premature delivery of the baby.

It means a lot to us that we can continue our work developing therapies to improve outcomes for mum’s who are at risk of having a baby with a problem.  David’s specific research area is developing a way to heal the amniotic membranes around a baby in the womb after they have ruptured. This is a major cause of preterm birth and currently there is no treatment. The fundraising by the Co-operative will go directly to supporting David’s research in the lab which will help Dr Anna David and her team at UCLH.