The amazing machine – you !

The science behind the cutting edge techniques in bioengineering was explored with year 6 children from St Josephs in the Park. The children worked with the scientists and engineers and learnt how to build a fake knee with biomaterials, create 3D structures with nanotechnology and design a medical implant for fixing the hip.

This hands-on project enables primary school children to be “Bioengineers for the Day” and work with doctoral scientists and engineers from the IOB and SEMS. The co-creation and 2-way engagement of hands-on, investigative activities in real world research environments has led to STEM enrichment for teachers in the classroom culminating in the co-creation of several successful initiatives with industry, the Science Museum and the BBC.

Through years of experience, the bioengineering team is dedicated to supporting innovation in healthcare, creating new knowledge and sharing their expertise with the public. The bioengineering experience is in its fourth year and we hope to inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers.